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September 22, 2005


Is it time to knit yet? Is it, is it?!? I want to knit! All these gifts, all these photos, all this swapping, all this blogging, but no knitting.

Until tonight :).

In case you want to read it again, this is the blog entry where I mention how I got some cursed Artful Yarns Candy, which I intend to make into footlets, toe-up style ;).

Pass me some needles, because I'm about to get knitting!

I started with a yarn-over short-row toe-up toe tutorial from Purly Whites. Her photo-based tutorial is extremely clear! There were some instances where our numbers didn't match, though; for example, sometimes I had to end on a knit row to have a symmetric stitch distribution, but Purly ended on a purl row. Okay, out came Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Priscilla's Dream Socks article from Interweave. Between those two, I was able to come up with a toe prototype:


Good for my first try, but I can see some areas to be improved right away (other than my criminal flip-flop tan). The most obvious correction is that the toe is too shallow and needs a few more rows. Also, I remember why I don't like yarn-over short-rows: it looks wonky along the sides (at least for me).

Alright, back to the wrapped short-row method which I've used on sock heels in the past (Paula's and mine), but never on toes. I pulled up Wendy Johnson's Knitty tutorial, started knitting, and, man, her wrapping instructions are different than what I'm used to. Okay, back to the library - Short Rows: a few stitches short of a row by Véronik Avery, also an IK article. Combining Wendy's instructions and Véronik's way of wrapping, finally, I got this:


Much better. It still seems a little shallow, but it's not bad, and those sides are more attractive. I must say that picking up two wraps and knitting them together with their parent stitch is hell. I haven't done that before... I'm not sure if that's because I've been using a particular set of short-row heel instructions, or short-row heels typically don't use the double-wrap. But yeah, I can see why people would go for the yarn-over alternative - it's definitely easier on the hands.

Before I forgot what the hell I did, I knit the other toe and joined the round for both:

Ah, yes, my aging pedicure is covered :-D.

And now we zoom out (and Photoshop):


And I'm off! Go, Grumperina, go!

Posted by Kathy on September 22, 2005 12:30 AM


wow, that second toe is gorgeous. I've always double-wrapped on my short row heels and don't really find it a problem - actually, I kind of like picking up the wraps! My purl-row pickups always look better, though, for some reason.

I suck so badly at wrapped short rows. Good for you that you can figure it out. Have fun!

The first time I did short row toes and heels, the sides definitely looked wonky and holey -- but I wasn't double wrapping. The next time, I double wrapped and the difference was amazing.

Possible cure for criminal flip-flop tan: exfoliation first, then judicious use of Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer. :)

I'm knitting my first ever pair of socks and trying out various heels and toes as I go. I cannot get the purl side of the short rows to look right with either the yarnover method or the doublewrap short row method. I think I need more pratice. Grumperina, your meticulous attention to detail is inspiring!

Looking good! Hey, I'm curious which wrap method you use on the heel that doesn't involve double-wrapping. I agree with you -- YOs are easier but I too prefer the look of wraps. I've also tried another method where you pickup a stitch (a m1) and knit that together with the stitch you would have wrapped. That one seems to be in the middle for me in terms of looks. So I sucked it up recently and went back to the traditional wraps. That's why I'm intrigued by your no double wrap comment!

Which IK is Avery's short row wrapping tutorial in? Tnx. The side looks really good with that method.

They both look great! I have done both techniques and seem to stick to the wrapped short rows. I use Wendy's generic toe up pattern for a base...also some info at knitty.

I do love Wendy's tutorial. That's the only method I've ever used and I've always been happy with the results. Your toes look great! I still need to try that yo method just for comparison. So far so good on the cursed yarn!

I think the Avery article is in the Winter 04 IK...

Is this a 6 dpn 2 circ method I've never seen? Does make it simple to try them on though... Hm! And helps mitigate that annoying "squishing up stitches from cord to needle with too tight stitches" aversion I have to using 2 circs. Just 1 circ to do it with.

Will you be writing out just how you combined the two different short row instructions to come up with that great toe? There's a shortage of Interweave Knits in this area, and I'm not sure that I have that one....

Wow, I don't check on my blogs for a few days and look at all the stuff you have posted:)

Love the Tunic, but I can't imagine never eating cheese-itz. On second thought stay away they are evil!!

Love the blue scraf it looks great with the blazer.

And lastly I just love your attention to detail, those socks will be awesome. I haven't tryed double wrapping my short row, but I think I need to try it!

Covered and uncovered, you seem to be on a quest for perfect toes! Hehehe.

Both of those look good to me. As long as you can feel those yo's, I actually like the way it looks.

Hmmm, I wonder why we had differences. But, I'm glad you figured out something that works. The toes look fabulous and that is all that matters!

And, I'm glad you are making yourself something, and out of fun (albeit cursed) yarn!

This is a great overview of the techniques... have you tried Japanese short rows? I haven't yet. I've been collecting links, though:



i'm still trying to figure out how to do a short-row heel :) it's only my second pair of socks i have ever knit! these toes look fabulous!

oh, sara, thanks for the japanese method. that looks like it'll be super easy!

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