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September 28, 2005


One of the reasons I love being a blogger is the constant encouragement! Oh my goodness, all of you are really maintaining the excitement, and continuing to urge me on! Well, I won't disappoint! At least for now ;).

Who needs a mop when I have a snow-white Curlicue splayed out on the floor every evening?

What you see is section 1 (with the scalloped edging), section 2 (looks sort of like a rhombus), and just the first few rows of section 3. Once again, my rhombus doesn't look very much like the little wedge in the schematic:

I like coloring in my progress - it makes the whole thing feel much more real ;).

So far things are going okay. My only point of concern is the puckering where section 1 meets section 2. I'm opting not to worry about it for now for several reasons. First, my photo is a bit "posed" - if I want, I can make it lay entirely flat, which actually causes a very delicate spreading of the scallops, like a fan. I'm thinking that's the actual intent of the pattern, and that once section 15 (ha!) is completed, everything will fall into place. Also, I see a bit of puckering in the pattern photo (how about you?). Last, this situation is entirely out of my control - the number of short-rows directly dictates the number of stitches at the joint.

To those of you who think that one section/day progress means a blanket in 2 weeks, I must say, eh, it's not gonna happen. The most important reason - I would go totally insane. Second reason - this cotton really dries out my hands and I can't handle it for long periods of time. Which brings us to reason number three...

Remember in my last entry I mentioned another project falling into my lap? Well, I'm sample-knitting for Annie Modesitt's new book, Men Who Knit (and the dogs who love them). Now, imagine this - a book will be published, and something inside that book will have been knit by ME! That is the coolest feeling in the world! Anyway, the project I'm knitting uses a lovely wool/alpaca blend, which, in the most amazing way, restores all the moisture the cotton Curlicue sucks out of my hands. Annie and I have agreed on some rules with respect to blogging about this project, and, yes, I'll be able to tell you more, although not everything (but for starters, here's a sneak peek). For now, I'm putting off writing the actual post because I'm just floored by how clever and creative this project is, and I'm afraid that unless I seriously sedate myself before blogging, the post will be a puddle of verbal diarrhea filled with praises and raves of every imaginable variety.

So, yeah, need to sedate myself first ;).

P.S. I did a small re-design of my sidebar. If you have any feedback, let me know!

Posted by Kathy on September 28, 2005 01:53 AM


The curlicue looks great, but most of the links on your sidebar seem to be missing.

The curlicue looks AMAZING! I could see how this pattern could potentially crack for knitting. I'm ready for the next section already!

After you finished section 1, it didn't have the shape of the finished blanket, but now it pretty much does! So I think you're definitely mastering this blanket. Looks great!

Go, Kathy, go! It really looks great.

Also, sidebar seems funky. As Naomi commented, many of the links are missing.

Still loving it! And loving the colored finished sections as well. Way to show your progress.

I figured out the side bar. Click on the arrows and the "section" opens up. Inventive, but probably not necessary.

Wow - I love that blanket. You must be having a ball knitting it - it's so unusual.

What's that old saying..? The more you do, the more you can do. I am continually impressed with what you do. Beautiful!

Nice progress and it really does look like the picture on the pattern. Wondering about the size. Next time could you show it in perspective with something - just curious!
You A.M. project looks/sounds very exciting. Will you see her when she is in bostn in a few weeks? She is coming to the Boston Knitting Guild. Would love to meet you.
Have a great day!

The blanket is looking great so far!! And mmm those pretty green stripes are getting me really curious...

Congrats on being a sample knitter! Annie says that I'll be doing something too and I'm impatiently waiting for my yarn.

I think wedge one now looks like wedge one in the schematic. Attaching wedge two did make it more curvy as I thought it would.

I guess you need to explain the sidebar redesign for people who just aren't as clever as me ;)
Good job on the blanket!

Ooooh, I am so tempted to join you in the blanket knitting. I'll be watching with great interest. I doubt this will beat you. You don't seem the type to be beaten by a knitting pattern.

The blanket looks great. And now that you have section 2 done, section 1 looks like it is the right shape. This project might just require a bit of faith.

New but very avid fan of yours, here! I am feeling the love for that blanket. I may have to put that on my (already too long) to do list. I'm always looking for something DIFFERENT. That qualifies. As a previous poster said, if section 1 is an indication, the pieces mold into their proper shape after new sections are added to them. It looks PERFECT to me. I think the pucker will either block out or will just emphasize the pattern nicely. Either way, no problem. Keep up the good work!

Wow! For such a tough project, you're making fabulous progress! The coloring in of the schematic is a wonderful way of checking up on the pattern.

What can I say, Kathy? You continue to amaze and inspire!

BTW, thanks for the hint of things to come with the sneak peek at knitting for Annie. Such a glorious green combo - and extremely even-tensioned stitches.

I'm giddy for you! Test knitter for a book - and Annie Modesitt!! That is absolutely awesome. And it's green - what's not to like about that? The blanket looks fabulous and I absolutely believe you can beat this pattern into submission. No doubt in my mind.

Men who knit? AND dogs??????

That book has my name ALL OVER IT!


Men + Dogs= VERY good. :-)

Oh yeah, the blanket looks great as I knew it would. I really don't see how puckering can be avoided. Also it seems like the pieces really only take shape after each section surrounding them is knit.

Of course, now I must knit that blanket at some point. ;-)

It's taking shape ... it's taking shape! Excited!

Yes, that is very exciting. You can always point to that picture and say "I knit that!"

So, you've got two areas of that blanket complete. Is it as difficult as everyone says?

Oh, the dry hand syndrome! Sucks. But you are right about the alpaca, it totally brings the moisture back.

The blanket looks awesome so far, as does the glimpse of Annie's project. Would blocking the blanket when it's finished alleviate the puckering?

It would appear that you are conquering the blanket! Next you'll be ready to tackle Debbie New's freeform socks!

how exciting to watch your progress! the absorbency of cotton takes the oil out of your skin and the lanolin in wool yarn puts it back only better!

I am fascinated by this blanket. I know of about a zillion babies (okay, four) being born in the next six months and I am very tempted to order this pattern.

Keep sharing your progress. I can't wait to see more!

Glory that curlicue blanket is gorgeous...and what an expensive swiffer!!!

OH MY GOD!! THIS IS GORGEOUS!! It's going to be absolutely lovely when it's done -you are a brave woman!

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