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September 26, 2005

Riding the good vibes...

You guys are great - thanks for egging me on! Woohoo! I'm totally psyched about the Curlicue Coverlet, and I really need to maintain that enthusiasm, because the schematic for blanket construction looks like this:

I may be pushing copyright boundaries by showing that to you, but I think as long as I don't specify how to actually make the blanket, I'm in the clear. Anyway, I've got one thing to say, "eh, shit!"

But until one casts on, one doesn't know how complicated the knitting will actually be, right? And so, I got started.

(We can discuss my choice of snow-white yarn at another point - there will be plenty of "other points," since this will be a very long-term project. Let's just say that it's a good thing I'm paranoid about washing my hands). The scalloped edging is worked as you go, just as the description claims. Very cute!

The pattern is not easy. There's constant counting, referring to the directions, second-guessing, shushing everyone - that kind of thing. The idea of frogging petrifies me because of all the short rows... and just the field of whiteness, all of it looking very much the same - how do you even start finding a mistake? So, I plan to avoid frogging as much as possible (famous last words) (don't we all say that at the start of every project?).

High pressure and fear of losing my place energized me to finish the first section in almost one sitting:

Well, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to see that it looks nothing like the little wedge in the schematic, but I think I've been able to locate that section in the picture of the actual blanket:


What do you think?

On to section 2? Yes and no. Of course, yes, but there's no way I'll be able to stay entirely loyal to this blanket which will take me until January to complete without going bonkers. Good thing another project sort of fell into my lap and it's out of this world! I'll tell you more about it very soon. For now, I'm starting section 2 of the Curlicue.

Posted by Kathy on September 26, 2005 10:03 PM


That blanket just keeps getting more interesting. I don't think the schematic gives away too much. It's kind of reassuring that there's some unit that repeats five times. Now to find out someplace that sells oat couture...

Dude, if *I* can knit this blanket (until the Unfortunate Incident), you can. Your little wedge looks just like my first wedge.

In case you need to frog,I would suggest periodically running some waste yarn through a row on the needle before you knit it and leaving it in until you finish that section. That way if you ever have to frog (hopefully not) then you can just frog back to the waste yarn and pick up that row.

Wow! Snowy white and so pretty. Make it look easy on all accounts.

Wow, you are much braver than I! I can't wait to see how it looks when you are done:)

Sounds like this is one of those projects where you can not -- no matter what comes up -- put it down until you finish a section. Until you've done a few sections and start feeling cocky. :) Heh. If anyone's up for this challenge, it's you!

this looks uber complicated to me.

Man.. that is nuts... this makes for great blogging though.. it's like.. almost a sport... We're rooting for you and everything!

And all this "To be continued" is very on the edge of your seat!

Who knew knitting could be so exciting!

Personally I like the yarn.. I think it'll show off all the hard work more than a darker color.

I hope I'm not the only one who used the mouse to count around the "wedges" on the schematic... I don't know why I did.. I just know that I had to.

Go Grump GO!

oooh fun! i think i'd be intrigued to get the first 5 wedges done to see how everything connects, and then i'd lose steam.

as a bonus though it looks like there's no much sewing (maybe just the last wedge to the first?

and knitting on the border as you go is great. even though the pattern has its challenging moments it does seem to have a lot going for it too!

So far, so good! Just curious, but has anyone (besides your future self of course) successfully made this?

complicated- but you are the woman for the job! and - might i say- 1 section in 1 day- now, i'm no math expert- but we should see the finished project in -oh- 15 days?! ;-) Fun to watch. I enjoy your blog! have a great day!

Bah - you can do it if anyone can. Looks like a patience tryer, but I'm sure it won't be that bad....(more famous last words)

Looks great so far...you can do it!

Looks good so far. No frogging: an excellent idea. If anyone can succeed with the Curlice coverlet, its you!

I saw this pattern in my LYS and thought it was intriguing. It appears to be formed like the Crystal Cove pullover by Jill Vosburg. I tried that one, and the only tricky bit for me is that my gauge tends to change over the course of a project sometimes. And if you do that on something like this, your pieces won't match up. But you're probably a more consistent knitter than I am.
Have fun with it!

Go, Kathy, go!!

this is going to be great! i love it! i'm even a little bit tempted to join you ... ooof.

I need some kind of short row 12-step program. I LOVE IT! I ordered the pattern yesterday.

You're such a tease - projects falling out of the sky and all we get is "more later"! I love the first wedge and white is classic, just you want for something of this magnitude!

Am I the only one suspicious about the blanket not being shown flat in the pattern photo? If I were to make it (moment of wild, hysterical laughter) it wouldn't lie flat.

That said, I'm so glad you're making it and look forward to following your progress!

Are you short-rowing à la Véronik - like in the socklets?

Boy, I can't wait to watch this one unfurl! Please tell me you have a picture of a finished blanket lying flat. I think I'd need one! Also, I think white is a good choice for a tough project -- easier to see your stitches. Good luck; I'm sending moral support/superknitter vibes your way!

Maybe the wedge will get curvy once it is attached to other wedges?

(I'm planning on buying this pattern just so that I can read it!)

There are times when I question your sanity but I just figure you like challenging projects. Me? I want something I can almost watch tv with. Or at least no go bald on.

This is fascinating. Posting the schematic really helps me understand what you are knitting. Most things we knit are straightforward enough that we, the readers, can understand what the writer is talking about, with out such big visual clues. But this, man, this needs as many visual clues as possible.

But it looks awesome and I will enjoy watching it unfold.

or look at it this way: you finished 1/15 in one day, you could have it done in two weeks . . .

I love this! So, the finished object is not a circle? That is really interesting.

it's lovely blanket, and look like a challenging work too..

btw, the link for curlicue doesnt working..

happy knitting!

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