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September 18, 2005

My socks have landed!

There I am, at my mailbox, la-da-di-da-da, when I see a padded envelope from Seattle. I'm totally oblivious, of course, because the first thing that pops into my mind is that it's from Meg (insert blank expression here; I, too, do not understand why I thought that Meg, who lives in Australia, and from whom I'm not expecting anything, would be mailing me stuff from Seattle!). Then I think, it must be from Polly (ditto with the blank expression, Polly lives in Great Britain). I rip open the package, and some yarn, some sock yarn, to be exact, flies out. AH! It is from my secret Sock Pal! I guess I just couldn't imagine it would get here so quickly!

If you only knew how much restraint I needed to take this picture, since it was taken before I opened it and revealed the goodies inside:

I love this tissue paper, "Smart Women are Gifted," and the pattern matches across the package's seam! But, you know, wrapping, shmapping, it was time to look inside:

(color more accurate in the other photos) I love them, as well as the cute sock sleeve! First, I love the color - it is extremely practical since I wear jeans 360 days out of the year (the other five days I don't leave the house, obviously). Second, I love the yarn, Regia Cotton 4-ply, since my hot footsies need a cotton yarn to stay cool. Third, I love this pattern, Waving Lace from the spring 2004 IK, so much so that I'm planning to knit a pair of socks for grandma using it! It is so cool:

And the fit is fabulous, as is the quality of the knitting. Whoever knit these did a wonderful job with the heels and toes as well as the overall knitting:

Only after all the ooing and aahing, trying on, inspecting, and taking pictures, I finally took out the two Seattle postcards my pal included and found out that my secret pal is Kim! Thank you, Kim, you did a great job with this pair, matching my crazy list of preferences perfectly, and made my Sockapal-2-za experience truly great!

Posted by Kathy on September 18, 2005 11:32 AM


Wow, the sock pattern is a great match for the Regia cotton - it shows the stitch pattern really well! Lucky you! Hmm, I'm going to pull out my IK and take a look at the pattern...

Great socks!! And the ArtYarn ones that you knit were rockin' too - makes me want to join a sock exchange. And like Terry I will have to pull out that IK for my next pair.

you know i'm doubly jealous of you right now -- i LOVE that pattern and i still don't have my sockapal2za socks.

yours look great and it's good to know that the regia 4 ply works up so well in a stitch pattern like that.

Lovely lovely! I agree that the colour is wonderful. Enjoy your socks!

Oooh la la! Your sock pal did so well. What a fun treat! And I love that wrapping paper, too. :)

Lol.. you know the moment you thought the package was from Meg, even though it was from Seatle..

When you said "My sock pal is Kim!" I thought, "Wow.. I did a good job.. wait I didn't knit those.. I'm not her sock pal!" (Ofcourse, this thought was like a milisecond long.. but still there.

How weird the mind works when you're half asleep.

The socks look great.. and they fit! Woo! I'll have to try that yarn eventually.. yes indeed.

...Did I mention that I'm half asleep?

Oh, man! Those are just gorgeous footwear - color, pattern, stitch definition. What a (sock) pal!

They are perfect!!! You got a great sock pal. I hope my pal loves her socks as much. All the lovely socks on this blog lately........ I must get moving.

Wow! Those are gorgeous! Did you tell the secret pal what size feet you have first?

Super socks!

Love them! Love the colour and the pattern...you are sooooo lucky!

Great socks!

Beautiful socks and Kim did a great job!

You lucky girl, you! Those are gorgeous!

What lovely socks!

If I ever go to Seattle, I'll be sure to mail you something. However, I can guarantee it would not be something as nice as those socks!

Beautiful socks!!!

Oh, they look great! I would want to wear them all the time, too!

Oooh, they are beautiful. I'm waiting anxiously by my mail box to get mine!

wow! those socks are fantastic! lucky you. now i am inspired to make myself some.

Purple! Lace! Oh so very pretty. I adore them and they look great. What a wonderful sock pal you had.

Yay! So glad you got them so quickly!
(I love that wrapping also. Seemed appropriate.)
Have a great week!

Oh, I'm so glad you got such awesome socks. Those are indeed lovely! Lucky you!

Those socks are prefect and look so comfy to wear! Lucky you! Oh, and the color is great too :)

Love your socks! I think sometimes we have so much fun knitting the pair of socks for our pal, we forget someones knitting a pair for us. Hey -- I forgot to check my mail today....

I love those socks! The color is great. I'm inspired to make a pair (as I dig for that back issue of IK)...

Those socks are beautiful. I want to check out this secret pal thing.... I wanna play too!

Very nice socks! She did a perfectly wonderful job on them.

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