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September 20, 2005

Exchange Central

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the Filati tunic! I’m so happy with the way it turned out, and your comments made me feel even better about it :).

Closing thought: I’ve never had Cheez Whiz, Cheez Its, Cheetos, Velveeta, or Cheesy Poofs (am I forgetting anything?) (I’m a picky eater), but the Filati tunic is a pretty close match to tonight’s dinner:

Closing up this season of exchanges, I received the scarf Polly knit for me as part of Stitch Ya Neck Out.

It was almost like a pleasant surprise, since I had forgotten all the nuances of the yarn color and texture. It is simply lovely, everything about it. Polly did a marvelous job of knitting and blocking, of course – we’re talking about the woman who designed the Kiri Shawl! If there’s one knitter to be entrusted with a lacey pattern, it’s Polly. Thank you for doing a spectacular job, I’m so happy with how the scarf turned out!

I had a particular outfit in mind for this scarf – in the spring, I bought this tan blazer, which is very much out of character for me, since I consider tan dangerously close to my most-hated color, brown. I wanted a scarf to pair with this blazer – all the others match my predominantly red/black/gray wardrobe. What do you think? I think it matches pretty well :).

In her package Polly included a very witty letter (those Brits!) and some yummy chocolate/orange cookies (those Brits!). Thank you so much! She also included for me two skeins of Jaeger 4 ply Silk in a deep red (my favorite!).

Polly, thank you for this incredibly generous (and discontinued) gift – I will do my best to find something for you along the same lines :).

Posted by Kathy on September 20, 2005 09:06 PM


The scarf is beautiful and it looks great with the tan blazer! I love the color of the Jaeger Silk.

Love the scarf! Definitely on my list of must knits for Christmas...then again maybe just for me rather than a gift.

Your first photo cracked me up!

I'm guessing you're not the mac-n-cheese type, but if you feel the urge again, Annie's organic M-n-C (in white cheddar) is AWESOME.

Nice scarf. Polly hits a home run! Now that I see the yarn, wasn't that the same stuff Black Olive was blogging about a few entries ago?

You are too funny! But seriously, you've never indulged in dorm room junk food like Mac-n-cheese or Cheetos? That's probably how you keep your svelte figure in check.

Gorgeous gifts and I do love most all Jaeger yarns (except the cotton ribbon I'm using right now).

Wow! Polly did a fantastic job and you look beautiful in lavender. You are not missing anything by not eating Cheez-Wiz. It is the devil's food. Finally, you better guard that Jaeger, or Paula will want to steal it from you!

The scarf with the tan blazer looks really sharp! Are those darts on your blazer? Very flattering outfit overall! You pull it off so well.

Your posts are always so amusing and informative. I look forward to your writing every day, so I can't wait to see what you have up next!

Oh what a lovely week you are having! The artificial cheese product "tunic" is a va-voom! sweater, the socks are great, the scarf.... I feel a leetle, no, a lot jealous!

The scarf looks great with the tan blazer. It's a very "now" look. What are you going to do with the two balls of Jaeger 4-ply silk in red? Another scarf?

That scarf Polly knit for you is absolutely gorgeous and goes perfectly with the suede blazer. Love the combo!

no problems! i'm sure i can speak on kris's behalf too when i say i am really happy you enjoyed it.

Ah, lovely yarn and color--such a nuisance!

Sorry, that made me laugh most of all. What wonderful nuances :) Beautiful scarf, looks great with the tan jacket. And great job on the filati! But too many more references to Mac and Cheese and I'm going to have to go out and buy a box.

It looks fab! I love the colour, esp with the jacket. I am really liking the scarf...I may have to make that one for mom...or better yet, for myself!

I'm so jealous of all the gorgeous knitted things you keep receiving in the mail. I need to get on some knitting pal exchange!

mmm...mac and cheese...

Mac and cheese...yeah. When I turned 25, I made up this rule that no longer would I eat Kraft mac and cheese. Alas, the rule didn't stick, and I still eat it, though my roomate teases me about it every time.

Thanks for the color clarification on the mac and cheese (one of those foods that brings back great childhood memories). It is indeed a close match. The scarf, oh the scarf! It's gorgeous. Polly did a fabulous job and I love it with the blazer. You look very professional :-)

am I the only one that's never had kraft mac and cheese? The first time I ever had any sort mac and cheese was last year and it was Annie's organic. Oh well, I didnt have a grilled cheese sandwhich till my junior year in college so I must be a late bloomer or something.

anywhoo! love the scarf/blazer combo. I'm anti tan/brown as well, but the the scarf color balances it well. And you can always wear it with a black jacket as well

Scarf + Blazer = Fab!

And the pic with the mac is so funny.. hehehe.

LOVE the scarf. I really like it in that yarn and think it will be warm and cozy. Not that you need warm and cozy, what with all your hotness.

And, LOVE the tan blazer. When I scrolled down to it I thought, wait a minute, that is brown. She hates brown. She's a liar. But it is actually tan. And tan and lilac look fabulous together. They are complements on the color wheel, you know.

Love the scarf -- is that the one from the Scarf Style book, or something else? I love knitted leaves, and the ones on this scarf have a beautiful "flow" to them -- something I'd definitely love to make for myself (and Mom).

What is pattern that was used for your fabulous scarf? Looks great with your blazer!

I love your leaf scarf! I'm knitting one now and it's soooo much fun! ^_^

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