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September 23, 2005

Cursed? I think not!

I sort of finished them in a little more than a day:

I love them! They fit perfectly, and I just love the way they look and feel! I envision wearing these around the house when it gets cold, and they'll fit into some of my winter shoes, too.

Some details:

  • My first toe-up pair, and I now understand what all the buzz is about - this is a great way to knit socks! I mainly used Wendy Johnson's Knitty tutorial, but wrapped my stitches according to Véronik Avery's article in Interweave (winter 2004). After completing the heel, I knit about one more inch in stockinette, then one inch in 1 X 1 rib. I used the backstitch bind-off from Montse Stanley, but I think it's the same as EZ's bind-off. This is definitely stretchy enough to slide on and off my foot easily, maybe even a little too loose.

  • The yarn is Artful Yarns Candy in Sour Apple, a little less than 2 skeins. I could have gotten another 1 - 1.5" out of each skein, but I didn't want the socks any longer (did I mention how great it is to knit toe-up?!?). I love this yarn - it has no wool content, so my feet will not turn into the inferno. Not to mention, is it not the coolest thing you've ever seen? It's tweedy, texture-y, stretchy goodness. YUM. The yarn's first owner proclaimed it cursed, but it's been anything but in my hands ;).
  • I worked this sock on 48 stitches, the same number as my Pretty Comfy Socks. This was a sort of educated guess, considering the two yarns are about the same thickness and I was using the same needles.
  • Speaking of needles, I mainly used Bryspun dpns, US 3, with occasional interludes into insanity:

    Yes, each sock has one end of that circular. Don't ask. Just don't.

Well, I've got nothing to knit again. Eh, shit. I'll come up with something over the weekend, and hopefully I won't finish it in two days. In the meantime, have a good one!

P.S. I received the sweetest e-mail from my Sockapal-2-za sock pal yesterday. Her name is Yasmin, and she doesn't have a blog. She received the socks I knit for her, and she loves them! I'm so happy to hear that, Yasmin! In case you're curious, these are the socks Yasmin knit for her own pal.

Posted by Kathy on September 23, 2005 02:04 AM


woohoo! you're coming over to the dark side of toe-up!

they look great. i'm glad you enjoyed it. btw, i've heard there's a great cast off in cool socks warm feet for toe-up. i can't recall its name but i've been meaning to pickup the book because the cast off is supposed to be great.

You developed yet another way to knit socks! Now I'll have double points, two circs, and , oh, well..... I'd really love to hear that story!

That has got to be the most innovative way to avoid SSS I have seen yet. The picture is priceless. When you are ready to tell us the story, we will be happy to listen!

I googled the backstitch bind-off, but the one site with instructions was unclear (no photos!). Where did you find your source (Montse Stanley)? And if it's the same as EZ's, which book is that in?

Yes, I think that those are the perfect things for round-the-house feet warmers.

Grumperina - the creative genius behind the 5 double-point, 2 circular method of knitting socks! It'll be a story to tell your grandchildren. I love anklet socks and I'm glad you've finally realized the pure genius behind toe-up socks. Welcome to the club.

What cute socks!

I love these! They are so cute and so not cursed! I'm glad you found a toe-up method that works for you. Isn't it the best way to knit socks? Why would you ever knit them the other way again?

Cute socks. Love the anklets and love the tweedy colors. If you've really nothing to knit, stop by Woolcott & Co. tomorrow and say hi to me. I'm sure I can help you find something to knit.

i know you said not to ask...but what the hell woman? if i was as smart as you i would be knitting bridges. or airplanes. something like that.

Ooh. Those are very cute! They look very comfy.

They look wonderfully snuggly socks, perfect for toasty toes.

The anklets reminds me high school in the early 80's. Every winter wardrobe had about 20 pairs of anklets we wore over our regular socks. (We only wore one pair anklets over one pair socks.) That and flannel shirts worn open over t-shirts.

I think I went to a weird school. I'm dying to try that pattern though.

Perfect! I am the same way, I want to try toe up socks too.. I think this post just inspire me to try it the next time around :) Thats for the info. I will look at the tutorial as well when the time comes!

that yarn was not cursed after all, it was just me! i love, love, love the finished socklets. that's what i had imagined.

I love Yasmin's socks, those are pretty. I see you are going nutso with your needles. :) It happens to the best of us. Those are pretty nifty socks that you knit. :0)

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