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August 17, 2005

Now is the time to speak up

Sleeve length, it's tricky business.


(click on photos for PG-13 versions, precipitated by the first comment to this entry)

Full-length, 3/4 length, elbow-length. What do you think?

Sidenote: I figured I'd be all cool and previously put up a blogpoll here, but I'll be damned, it changed the background of my blog, overriding my .content settings. NOT cool, blogpoll, NOT cool.

Posted by Kathy on August 17, 2005 01:21 AM


I like the elbow length.
PS, nice figure you got going there.

I vote for the 3/4 length, but then that is my favorite length sleeve to wear....

I like the elbow length. I really like the edging you used for the sleeves.

i like the full or elbow length.

The elbow length looks really elegant, go for that or the 3/4. I always find that I am pushing up full length sleeves until they are 3/4 anyway!

I vote for 3/4 as the most flattering. I did mine originally at the elbow, but found I wanted it a tad longer. That is why the edging was added a couple of days later.

i like the 2 shorter lengths. something about the color and the style are telling me it's not a full length, dead of winter sort of cover up.

ps - i've had good success with snappoll http://www.snappoll.com/

I like to be different so I'm going to say full length, full length. I love the way that one looks!

I think 3/4 length sleeves would be nice for a shrug. Warm but not too warm.

I'm sort of over 3/4 length, it's just been done to death in recent years.
Full length!

To be perfectly honest, I think the "elbow length" has a tendency to make people look like they have fat arms. Or maybe that's cause I have fat arms? Anyway, it is a shrug and I think that elbow length shrugs look weird. I vote for the 3/4 length.

I think the elbow length is just gorgeous, but being a Libra, I'll have to say both elbow length and full length are my faves. :)

The elbow length is a great look!

full length... you'll get more use of the shrug this way! :) looks great!

I vote for 3/4 length...I just have this thing about elbow-length sleeves, don't like em!

its a toss up between full and 3/4 in terms of looks for me. Do you tend to run hot or cold - do whichever sleeve would give you the best wearabilty for your life!

I am all about 3/4 length, but to me, it doesn't look right. Maybe it is the cuff...which I love...I don't know. I really like it in the full length and also the elbow length. Because, like myself, you feel like you could spontaneously combust if too warm...I would consider the elbow length...but then again what difference does another 10" make?

Definitely the elbow length! It looks so pretty

Full length is my favorite, because its so comfy. The elbow length is very cute though too.

I like the 3/4 length, or maybe the elbow-length.

I like the elbow length best... I generally like long sleeves, elbow length, then 3/4 sleeves, but in this case I think that the long-sleeves just don't do the edging justice. When it's at the elbow, it just pops out at you... I love it!

I was thinking 3/4 before I read the majority vote.

I stand by my position-and I think the oatmeal looks great.

Positive about the full length. You'll get much more use out of it at full length.

Definitly the elbow length!

I'm all about 3/4th length, but then you move into cropped-jacket range, and not a shrug.

Funny, your sleeves look nothing like the shrug's picture. Did you alter the pattern?

I like the 3/4 length!!

I vote for 3/4 length... then you can wear a bracelet to draw attention to the great edging on the sleeves. Cute!

3/4 length! Such a great length, and in the pics I think it's the one that gives the most balance.

I vote for 3/4 length. I think it looks best in the pictures, and it will give you more wearability.

I think one of the 2 shorter lengths is best, and I'm leaning toward 3/4 length. Personally, I think long-sleeved shrugs are just silly. If you have long sleeves why not have an entire sweater? (For example, I think that turtleneck shurg from Scarf Style is the most stupid thing I ever saw. If you're cold enough to need a turtleneck and long sleeves, won't the rest of you be cold, too?)

Plus, you always say that you tend to feel hot, so you don't need long sleeves.

I think the elbow length looks great!

I really like the full length. Am I the only one? If you don't decide to go that route, that cuff would be awesome on a wrist/hand warmer.

Elbow all the way.

3/4 length, definitely!

i like full length! the edging looks the best with that length and probably more practical.

I vote for elbow length. But in Florida not much else is useful.

Oh my, decisions... How's one to decide?

The 3/4 length seems to look the best--I vote 3/4. Or full length?

Darn-it, decisions are so hard to make. I suppose it depends on what's most comfortable for you. If the yarn's going to stretch out and driving you bananas on the shorter lengths, I'd go with the full sleeve.

I'd go with the 3/4 sleeve first, maybe .. maybe elbow length.

I really like how the KFI Cashmerino is knitting up, I've got some in my stash just waiting.

I love your blog, you give me great inspiration. I vote for the long sleeve. I like the look of the cuff with the beads next to your hand.

I say 3/4 length sleeves.

They all work, but I'd have to vote for the 3/4 length.

Full length....definitely.

I would say long sleeve because those are my favs. But I think elbow length for you, because it looks good.

I like the elbow length. I don't EVER wear this length, but the photos of what you've got so far looks great on you as an elbow length. Does that work for the weight/warmth of the sweater? (i.e. is the body so warm that you'd only wear it on a cold day, and therefore want sleeves longer than elbow length?)

I like the elbow length the best

i like full and elbow lengths on you. :)

For future reference, the elbow length looks really pretty... for a sweater. But since you're breaking all of your own rules and making a shrug, I think it should be one of the longer lengths. Otherwise, what's the point of making a shoulder/arm warmer if it doesn't warm your whole arm? :)

As I'm sure you've discovered from the varied comments, I think sleeve length is really a matter of personal preference. Personally, I like long sleeves, so that's the one I would go with. However, it occurs to me that if you are worried about "framing" as discussed previously, an elbow length sleeve may add to that effect - ending basically right below the bust. So, considering you tend to always be hot, I would say 3/4 length sleeves for you for this project.

I like the elbow length. It's not a length you commonly see and I think it shows the border off to beautiful advantage.

I like all 3. But I lean towards the shortest.

full length

Full length looks so pretty!

I would have to agree with an earlier post with regard to the potential accentuation problem of elbow length sleeves. Either of the others is fine, though my preference would be for long (a simple bias against 3/4 length sleeves, really...).

I like the 3/4 or 1/2 length sleeve

I vote for the elbow length :)

I like the 3/4 length sleeve best.

I'm partial to the 3/4 length - won't snag on bracelets.

3/4 sleeve looks good

I vote for 3/4. I like the way it looks and I love 3/4 for their versatility as I feel they can be worn in more seasons than any other length.

I adore the elbow length. Looks fantastic with that beaded cuff.

Go for the 3/4 length...it works in two weather seasons :).

I like 3/4 length, and long. I was surprised to read in some fashion mag that elbow length makes people look matronly, and I'll be damned, but it's true on me.

The elbow length looks better on you. I would go with that one.

3/4 length is my favorite. I hate having to push up my sleeves. It is looking good so far.

3/4 length looks nice on you. And you'd have the added benefit of being mostly done!

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