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August 31, 2005


Who's not grumpy in her Tivoli?
It's me! It's me!


I like to think of these as "night before" and "morning after" :).

But wait! The one on the left is not a Tivoli at all! It has picots all around the edges! Why, it's a Picovoli! (picot + Tivoli = Picovoli. Am I a dork or what?)

And so, standardization is complete, sizes are added, gauge is constant throughout (old confusing Tivoli patterns are gone), picots are optional, and you can find the pattern HERE.

Edited to add: more Picovoli info is available here - schematics, tables, close-ups, etc.

Posted by Kathy on August 31, 2005 06:38 PM



Bravo!!!!!!!! Beautiful sweater. Great work getting the pattern standardized.

Yay, Kathy. I am so happy for you. It looks great! Picovoli's for everyone!

WOW! Looks great! Love the shoes in the pic with the black skirt. Keep up the good work!!


Woooooooo hoooooo.. n such ; ) *Print*

Allthough I have to admit that I'm a little bummed... The smallest bust size is 30" : /

I'm hoping that'll work out for me anyway..

Definitely gonna give it a shot : )

Thankyou muchly for working so hard on it.. I know it had to be agravating.

Wow, what terrific photos! You look great, and of course it's a lovely top!

Grumperina that is sooooo beautiful. I love the outfits. Elegant, flattering.

This is the best tivoli yet. I've gotta knit one now! Thanks so much for this versatile pattern!

Woo hoo!

Matt leans over and says, "That is a BOSOM-y woman!"

ooooOOOOoooh! I like-a!! Nice shaping and picots.

YAY!!! Thank you so much, Kathy! And you look so cute in the photos!!

Okay, okay, everything else by the wayside, I need a Tivoli. BTW, the curtains in the background look to be hung PERFECTLY.

I LOVE this top. It's got me doing sit-ups during knitting breaks!

I was looking in your gallery earlier, and just wanted to say what a beautiful job you did on the vintage pink cardigan. Such a classic design and you really did it justice with your knitting and your finishing technique.

Hello Kathy,

Congratulations and thanks for all your work on that pattern. It looks great on you both formal and casual. Will definitely be knitting this one.

Wow - a pattern in Magnkits! congrats! Now i have to work out whether I make a tivoli or a picovoli....maybe both! :-)

I love that edging! The cut on that really flatters your tiny waist!

I can't reach the magknits site to take a look at the standardized pattern, but I already started the 31" from before and I'm loving it! Thanks so much for doing all this work.

Cute, cute pattern. Being a fan of picot edges, I think this is a very cool development in Tivoli-dom.

What a great pattern!

Great work on the pattern. Your pics look fabulous, really love the "night before" outfit!

Yea to you, you picovoli-tootin' girl!

simply gorgeous! love it!

wow kathy, you look fantastic in this lovely top! i love your jeans and the skirt. beautiful!!

WooHoo! Yippee! Congratulations. I'm definately making another one.

Congratulations! I love the Picovoli and can't wait to make one!

The picots are really, really adorable. You did such a fabulous job. I hope you are so proud of yourself!

Thanks so much for the pattern -- it's great. Great!

I mean this in the least lesbian way possible...You're a pretty hot piece of knitting ass. Go on with your bad self. I might have to add Picovoli to my Fall Knitting List

What can't you do, Kathy?! The fit is fabulous, and the design simple and elegant.

Night before and morning after... ha ha ha!
Can't wait to make this!

Congrats on publishing in MagKnits. I'm excited to see what else you have up your sleeves.

Oh, and I LOL with the before and after pics.

You're adorable! Congrats on the mag-knits entry! This t is so popular, I'm sure it will be even more so now.

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I finished mine last weekend (finished knitting a month ago but had a hard time making myself weave in ends) and finally wore it to work today. I've gotten so many compliments on it. It was fun and easy to make too. I have a picture of it on my blog at http://knitprettywipfo.blogspot.com/2005/07/tivoli.html.

Congratulations! I'm finishing Tivoli this weekend, and starting Picovoli right away. You and the Picovoli look smashing, marvelous, and the darts are so perfectly designed (very smart). Thank you for sharing your talents.

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