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August 26, 2005


He. Just wait till I show you THIS:

In a matter of 24 hours, I was able to push aside whatever inauspicious warnings the Filati tunic whispered in my ear.

First, I wound several more skeins of KnitPicks Shine and they were all in perfect order. Second, although the lace edging of the tunic hurt like a bitch, the plain stockinette is not painful at all. In fact, the stitches are so crisp and individual (if you will), I do not have to look at my knitting AT ALL. All of this leading to a tremendous amount of progress, since I can knit and read papers for work at the same time*.


*For typical stockinette-based knitting, I do not look at my hands much. Some yarns are better than others, and if I can feel the stitches very clearly (as I do with Shine), I do not have to look down at all, except for the first two or three stitches of the row.

Posted by Kathy on August 26, 2005 03:26 PM


that was super fast and the lace edging looks nice and crisp

Ooo, that's purty. I'm glad it isn't hurting you too much!

WOW. That's quite some progress!

hee hee--I love knitting without looking! I freaks people out.

Supa-fast knitting! Looking quite nice : )

....It *is* orange isn't it? (I'm all paranoid about my colors now! lol1)

Looking great so far, I really like that color.

Knitting without pain is soooooo important. (I have tennis elbow in both my arms from my job and have to watch my knitting). I'm glad the stockinette isn't causing you any problems!

It really looks lovely. I need to order some more knitpicks shine.

Beautiful. I love the color. It looks so fresh and ripe; like a nice tangerine. I am glad that it is going better. I have only knit in cotton during the last 3 mo., so I know what you have been going through.

It's a beauty!!! And the color is great! Very nice.

Very nice! I'm glad the yarn stopped hurting as much as well. Your post title makes me think of the show Kung Fu. Knit on grasshopper!

Glad to hear it's not hurting you any more. Looks like you're cruising right along on it!

I knit and read blogs at lunch time...freaks out the guys in the office.

Ooh! Pretty AND fast. Great job, Kathy!

Oooh, very nice. That will look great on you. I keep hearing amazing things about Shine. I sense future growth in my stash.

I love the lace. Love it when I don;t have to look - isn't multitasking great!

I keep a few stockinette projects on the needles for those times when I want to knit and not have to watch what I'm doing.

It does freak out a few family members.

Very nice on the sweater. I love working with the shine, although, I highly recommend avoiding a garter stitch kimono, totally boring. Nice color also, I had been contemplating it once or twice. Good choice.

I knit while I read all semester long! Helps me focus on dull reading and results in lots of simple projects in interesting yarns, or socks. Tivoli is in the queue for semester reading/knitting. And I knit socks in class too.

Very pretty and you got a HUGE amount of knitting done in such a short amount of time!

I love knitting and reading. I wish I could do that with the Weekend Satchel. Just too much colorwork.

Thank goodness for Audible.com!

Ok, Superstarra!!! Don't you love when you can do two things at once. I've mastered walking and talking and chewing gum and talking. Knitting and reading is next on the list.

i love multitask knitting. I got a book stand for $5 at Barnes and Noble, simply so i could read my fantasy novels and not miss out on perfectly good knitting time. I find tho, that its hard to do much knitting besides knitting in the round :) yea for socks:) I knit in classes too (as i see others do) go us!

WooHoo! And how lovely she is.

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