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July 21, 2005


I may or may not have had to drill more than the required number of holes:


But look how squarely the curtain hits the floor!

For those who asked, this fabric looks rich and luxurious, perhaps like silk, but this is the stuff you can get for $13 a panel, so obviously it isn't... rich or luxurious or silk or even silky. It smells kind of funny, and feels like umbrella fabric.

Its biggest flaw, however, is that I photograph terribly against it, completely washed out and pale. And for that reason, the burgundy umbrella fabric went back to Target, and I equipped myself with some gold-speckled sheers from Linens-n-Things:

Fortunately, I don't have to reinstall the curtain rod to work with the length of these new curtains. I'm still testing them out, deciding if I like seeing them every day, if I like the way I photograph against them, but they definitely smell better than the burgundy ones.

Now, who's going to clean the mess I made?

Knitting news: lots of scheming, no knitting. Ouchie is in control at the moment.

Posted by Kathy on July 21, 2005 03:14 AM


Tell the ouchie to get right on that clean up! I'm diggin the speckley goldy curtains...hope that you look good against them!

Love the new gold-flecked curtains!

I love both sets of curtains...two different looks. Myself, I am drawn to the red...oh yes! But if they are as you described, I would have a migraine for sure!

What fun curtains!

I vote that Ouchie cleans up the mess. I like both curtains, but you have to go w/ what looks best! Scheming? I can hardly wait!

Power tools, I love power tools -- you really cannot drill too many holes? I hope your ouchie heals quickly so you can get back to knitting, otherwise I'm concerned you might start getting a bit "Grumpy".

Mmmm, power tools. And I love the curtain. I bet you'll look good against it. Your coloring is too delicate for that heavy burgundy.

Hi, my favorite Grumpster -- Thanks for the compliment on the new blog. I like your idea of doing the photo of the banner over something else ... I originally was going to hold a contest letting other people try to make me a banner, but I might just try a photo of the needles on grass as it just seems so zen-like to me. We'll see what I decide. Hope ouchie is well. P.S. -- my daughter is starting to remind me somewhat of you (that is, like I really knew you, which I really don't, but I imagine that I sort of do) ... I'm going to catch a photo of her doing her best grumpy routine and post it some day. :)

Knitting AND home improvement! Sweet! And if you had a teeny little crush on Faber Dewar we might be twins. LOL

next on the home depot shopping list... a level! :) try getting one of those supercool laser ones. you get a straight line and a discoteque in one evening!

power tools rock.

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