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June 22, 2005

Why is blue such a bitch to photograph?

It's about time to wrap up by grandmother's Best Foot Forward Socks. This project must've been mediated by the powers above from the very beginning. The yarn was joyous, the casting on was new and different, the twisted stitches, deceivingly complicated. There was one fumble in the middle, and perhaps a bit of bleeding, but the injuries were temporary and easily healed with a little cursing and a diet Coke.

Pattern: Best Foot Forward from Knit Socks! by Betsy McCarthy.
Yarn: KFI Cashmereno, 55% merino wool, 33% microfiber, 12% cashmere, color 06, 3 skeins. The yarn is quite nice, although it did bleed heavily when I washed it, and there were at least 2 knots in every skein. I recommend that you rewind your skeins if you use this yarn to catch the knots in advance.
Needles: INOX aluminum dpns, 2.5 mm (corresponds to US 1.5, although they were marked US 2 on the package).

Details: Just one major one to point out. Because I want these super-soft socks to last grandma a decent amount of time, I reinforced the sole of the foot. Knitting with the reinforcement held together with the yarn didn't quite work out because it produced a super-stiff fabric. Instead, I wove in the reinforcement after the socks were completed in a manner one weaves in ends.

I must've taken 40 pictures trying to capture this, but the yarn is dark blue, and so is the reinforcement. I had to illuminate it with my Ott-Lite and all other kinds of nonsense. Dark blue is just a bitch to photograph, I think, and this is the best I can do.

The sock furthest from you has the reinforcement thread woven in, while the one closest to you doesn't. Can you see?

Off to grandma's they go!

Posted by Kathy on June 22, 2005 10:46 PM


There's only one thing to say, Beautiful!

Wow. Those socks area really really really nice. So much so, that I need to see if I can get that book at the library. YOu did a wonderful job. I am a novice sock knitter. I've completed ONE. I'm still working on completing a non-holey heel/gusset thingie.

I can visualize one happy grandma smiling joyously ... beautiful. I thought of choosing between this pattern and the Retro Ribs for my husband. Not decided yet.

Ack! I need those socks on my feet right now! Popsicle toes!! And I do have big feet, so I think they'd fit. :P Okay, I know Grandma deserves them MUCH more than I do. They turned out beautifully!

they're beautiful! and weaving in all that reinforcement thread is quite a commitment. grandma will have happy feet for years to come!

Yes! I can see the thread--great photography!
Thanks for sharing.

Aww. They turned out beautifully. Lucky grandma!
(was it a big pain to weave in the reinforcement after the fact?)

Your grandma is going to be so stoked!

Wonderful! Love the pattern, love the colour! She will love them I am sure!

Yes, I can see the threads in one sock, but not the other.

Oooh, grandma is going to be so happy with those socks.

I can see the threads, even on my crappy work moniter! They turn out great!

Your grandmother will be pleased, they came out really nice.

Beautiful socks, Kathy! Your grandma is one lucky gal.

Grandma's gonna be in sock bliss! They are beautiful - the pattern, the color, the yarn - yummy. Way to go!

They look beautiful! I love the mick cable :)

Grandma is very lucky. Those look great! I love the cable and I'm very impressed with the reinforcment.

Perfection. How long does it take you to weave in the reinforcement threads? I really like the concept, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience (or manual dexterity) for navigating those tiny stitches.

Wow...those socks look great! And they're wool...and on your feet. Hehehe.

Seriously...beautiful cables and nice even tension and the cast on is oh-so-nice. I must try that with my next sock. :-)

Very pretty! I have the book, will check out the pattern. About taking pictures of blue socks - your camera is trying to set the right exposure but you actually want to lighten it up a bit to show the stitch pattern. You can try this next time...if your camera allows you to adjust exposure, set it to -1 stop. Or you can put a darker item next to the sock, press the shutter button down half way, focus back on the sock and continue to press the shutter button to take the picture.

Those are so beautiful! I am so impressed!

Those are seriously the most gorgeous socks!!!! You did a fantastic job. Once I get settled in Chicago, I'm going to sit down and knit a pair for someone for Christmas. Plan on me bugging you when I get stuck!!!

The socks look awesome! I love socks that aren't just plain stockinette, but have some sort of design pattern to draw attention to them. These are great.

Very nice socks, and I like the idea of adding reinforcement on the soles. I've never knits socks before. May I ask what you use for reinforcement and how do you weave it in, sideways or along the length?

your socks are amazing! all of them.

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