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June 16, 2005

Horizontal, vertical, insane

What do you think?

I made it up myself :).

When thinking of a pattern for this yarn, I insisted on thinking horizontally... let me explain.

Consider cables, like the ones which adorn the cleverly-named Cable Rib Socks (Spring 2005 Interweave Knits):

Cables placed in this manner are vertical: they run along the length of the knitted item.

Now consider knitting in the round with a variegated yarn like this Opal. The little segments of color produce horizontal bursts of color - they run side to side with respect to the knitted item. The same thing is true of self-striping yarns, except the segments of color are significantly larger. Anyway, were I to overlay a vertical pattern repeat, such as cables, on top of horizontal coloration, the result can only be described as "poopy." Yes, that's a technical term which means, "neither the pretty color, nor the pretty pattern shows through."

I decided that I'd be bored to tears knitting a simple stockinette stitch sock for my Sockapal-2-za pal. Also, I did a few rounds of simple stockinette, and this is not one of those yarns which forms interesting stripes as it's knit up - the bursts of orange and teal are only 4 stitches long. Therefore I started with a pattern repeat which had 4 knit stitches as its basis, then added a little "glam" without compromising the horizontal nature of this handpainted yarn.

So there you have it!

Posted by Kathy on June 16, 2005 01:20 AM


i think it looks fab. love how the zig-zagging enhance the variegated yarn without making it "poopy". those are some beautiful colours as well.

You astound. There are not words.

Ooohh... that is nice.

[insert more Homer Simpson-style drooling noises]

Do I need therapy for all of this drooling over a pair of socks?

Oh yeah, it's great. How are you doing that? I don't see your increases.

You're so darn clever.

brilliant! i've often wondered how to jazz up my variegated socks. your idea is genious! are you offsetting increased with decreases at regular intervals? my little brain is trying to work it out, share please.

oh marvelous! you scare me sometimes when apply science to knitting! your sockpal is gonna love you!

Very cool! It looks great with that yarn!

That looks really awesome. I'm with the others in trying to look at it and figure out how in the heck you made that cool design. That's so neat!

I love that (and your sockpal will, too!). I think it might be perfect for some of my handpainted opal I have lying around, too... hm.

:) I love this sock pattern! super cute and you are right- great for nicely painted yarn....

once again:


Oh yes, this is very nice! You put so much thought into your knitting...and it makes a difference. You inspire me to think more about what I am doing with my knitting! I love the pattern and look forward to seeing it in your sidebar...hint, hint.

Mmm! Love them, love them, love them! I love the way your mind works. That explanation made perfect sense to me. Is this kind of similar to the concept of the Knitty Broadripple socks, maybe also with a different kind of increase (no yarn overs = no holes)?

I just started a great pair of toe up KPPPM socks, and I have to rip them (think they need a tighter gauge). I'd love to try this pattern -- are you going to tell us what you did?

Poopiness! Finally, a term that I can use to explain why I am not a big fan of varigated yarns. I think your stitch pattern looks good with the sock yarn. It is one the few times that I've seen a successful use of texture with a varigated yarn.

Oh, that looks good, it's like a chevron without the Enron. (Well, without the poopy factor, anyway.) I would definitely wear those.

It's really quite nice looking. Your work is always so thoughtful.

Beautiful - wouldn't even dare consider being poopy. Another pattern for you to share with the masses - I've got some varigated yarn I can use this on. Oh goody.

heavens to sockiness, that is beautiful -- and please share the pattern -- maybe we can all send yarn if you put the pattern up?

Love them! Great Pattern.

So much interesting the way you knitted it up! Are you going to share your revised pattern (pls)?

Love how the sock is turning out! Pretty please, can we have the pattern?

ooooooooooooooooooo pretty. Are you gonna post the pattern? :-)

You've hit the nail on the head! No poopiness -- is that a technical term? -- at all with the vertical/diagional of the pattern and the bursts of color accents.

As always, amazing!

Excellent pattern! Love it!

Totally awesome. Would you share how you did this at some point, cause I definitely want to try this.

Love the solution to "poopiness." Be sure to share your secret sometime.

Gosh, I love those socks. The pattern! The colorway! You've got one lucky sock pal.

I LOVE IT! Must have it now!

Wow! LOVE those! Gorgeous colors and just the right amount of "oomph" to break up the striping a bit.

LOVE them!

(Did I mention how much I love them?)

I'm insane, but I love the look of the socks!

Such artistic hosiery.

After checking the Loop-d-Loop book and reading the ballet t-shirt pattern, I am SO happy I stumbled upon your new tivoli pattern. THANK YOU!!! I hope to start one for myself soon. Your new sock sure isn't poopy, can we hope you'll share your secrets in detail? :)

I love the yarn, and the way you have it worked up. It's a great way to show off the colors!

Just thinking about it makes me dizzy. But they're very pretty socks.

Lovely socks! I like to use the toe-up chevron sock pattern (free from elann) for my lornas and the like. I've also found the broadripple pattern to work nicely as well. So how are you doing the chevrons without visible yo's?

Add me to the list of admirers...and pattern cravers...

You kill me with your thoroughness--I love the zig-zag effect...very unique!

Beautiful yarn! You will have a very happy sock pal!

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