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April 24, 2005

The gods were observing me carefully

This could only mean one thing: I've started the second Pretty Comfy Sock! The Second Sock Syndrome gods were watching me very carefully, probably winking to each other and having good belly laughs, but I had no excuse: I finished the first at the very beginning of my Sunday Stitch 'n Bitch, so I grafted the toe, wove in the ends, and had to start the second.

I'm very happy with how the first turned out:

I like how it fits my little feet (tee hee), and I like the short-row heel, and I like the stretchy cotton yarn. I'm excited to finish the second one!

Posted by Kathy on April 24, 2005 11:06 PM


Yeah ... this pattern is incredibly pretty and comfortable ... the name says it all! Though the instructions for the short row heels are a bit confusing and I had to rip at the first try, overall it's easy to follow.
The red colour is good ... I may consider increasing my sock yarn stash! ;)

That looks like one comfortable sock! Now, hopefully, you'll have two cmfortable socks, soon!

those *do* look comfy. great work. You'll be done with the 2nd in no time.

Good looking sock! Now that it's summer, I'm getting out the cotton sock yarns too, but I forgot I have a ton of elann.com's Fixation clone. I like this yarn because it works up fast on 3's instead of my usual 0's. I see I'll be making some of these pretty soon! (Although my son probably won't want the lace...you know how the other boys in gym class can be!)

very nice! I have come across this pattern as well, they are next on my list.

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